Proposed Resolution

First Missionary Baptist Church
Healdton, Oklahoma



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BMAA Resolutions Committee


First Missionary Baptist Church of Healdton, OK proposes the following resolution to be submitted to the body of the B.M.A. of America in annual session in April 1998.

A Resolution:

Whereas, the doctrinal statements of the B.M.A. of America states in Article IX, section G, "But is responsible to keep herself from those who hold doctrines or practices contrary to Holy Scripture…"

And, whereas, the Statement of Principles of Cooperation of the B.M.A. of America state in Article III, Section 2, "Any church which knowingly and habitually practices or upholds heresies or other human innovations which are not in harmony with the Word of God, such as open communion, alien baptism, pulpit affiliation with heretical churches, ecstatic speaking in tongues and other kindred evils arising from these practices departs from the distinctive doctrines of this association and makes herself liable to exclusion from this association."

And, whereas, the para-church organization knows as "Promise Keepers" advocates an unscriptural religious unity at the expense of sound doctrine and practice, accepts and promotes unscriptural charismatic teachings and the inclusion of the Roman Catholicism, approves and uses psychological approaches that mix truth and error, uses unholy music and highly questionable speakers,

And whereas, they are aggressive in the pursuit of new members, a definite threat to Bible-believing Baptist Churches, who hold to doctrinal purity;

Therefore, be it resolved that the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of America stands firmly against Promise Keepers and its ecumenical practices.



Wearthy I. Shank, Pastor


Adopted in regular conference ______________________________, ___________________________ Clerk



First Missionary Baptist Church

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